About us

Kā jau daudzi labi stāsti mūsējais sākās pie skaisti klāta galda.

We, Madara and Kārlis, have created the family business “MADA RIGA” and produce local delicacies, which are already popular with countless customers, putting them on both everyday and festive tables.

All our products are handmade, made from the highest quality ingredients. Each product is handmade and prepared with love to taste for ourselves and other foodies. It’s nothing complicated, the main thing is to BE TASTY!

We like to travel and be inspired by the culinary traditions of other countries – this is how many ideas for our recipes have arisen. “MADA RIGA” products can be described as local delicacies with an exotic touch!

Although there are two of us working in the company, this does not prevent the brand from gaining momentum and delighting more and more new customers – for which we are truly satisfied.

Quality food as a source of joy and pleasure

About us

Madara Baterāga

She is a chef with more than 10 years of experience. Having worked in several popular restaurants in Latvia, she has gained invaluable experience in order to give food an unforgettable taste and make it simply excellent. Madara prepares all delicacies only according to her own recipes, so that the taste is exactly as she intended.

Kārlis Ekbaums

Is an impeccable salesman and a seasoned gourmet. Karlis gets along well with people – he deals with marketing matters in the company, and is also ready to experiment in order to create new super products together with Madara. Karlis perfectly complements Madara’s extensive culinary experience with his original ideas and together they create something truly special.

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